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Tours for Travelers is Born

Posted: January 16, 2014

I'm very excited to announce the beginning of Tours for Travelers.  A business that will have me traveling around the world with small groups of like minded people who have great appetites for culture, art, food, music, walking, history and just good old fashion wanderlust. I plan on exploring in debt cities like Istanbul and Jerusalem and other historic gems. 

My intention is to design tours that speak to my sensibilities and can support a small group dynamic, like a great dinner party with high quality and great value. I'm starting with cities and regions that I've worked in and have always captured my imagination and heart.

In the not too distant future I hope to visit and build a tour in Tennessee and Mississippi taking in the crossroads of American music and our civil rights history. 

My philosophy is that every moment is a trip worth living.  I am looking out on a frigid sun shine filled day here in Minnesota, my German Shepherd Jayma is staring at me with anticipation and we're about to take a walk around Goose Lake, as beautiful a walk as any place any time.

Happy trails...

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